Drives and Accessories

Hydraulic main drives are principally used for broaching machines in vertical design up to 2500 mm stroke length and short-stroke horizontal broaching machines.

Electromechanical drives as rack and pinion drive are used on horizontal external broaching machines. But also vertical external broaching machines have been provided with this drive system to meet the requirements of higher drive stiffness, low energy costs (idle mode, energy recovery) and low noise levels.

Progress in electronic and drive technology helped the electromechanical rack and pinion or spindle drive concept also to be used on internal broaching machines.

Because of higher stiffness and less vibration gradient electromechanical drives are preferably used at critical cutting (thin-walled components, difficult to cut materials in turbine manufacturing) as well as dry broaching with no use of any coolant.

NC driven main axis can be provided at reasonable cost and meet severe environmental requirements.