Broaching Machine Design

Broaching machines are subdivided as follows:

  • External and Internal broaching machines (type of the broaching process)
  • Horizontal and Vertical broaching machines (location of the main axis)
  • Special Purpose broaching machines (chain-type broaching machines and broaching units  for example in transfer lines or combined broaching machines)

Advantages of the vertical design:

  • Less floor space required
  • No bowing under dead load of the broaching tool
  • Better coolant effect
  • Proper placement into transfer lines

Advantages of the horizontal design:

  • Low overall height
  • Larger stroke length
  • Single loading of heavy components
  • No pit or platform required


  • DIN 55141: Vertical External Broaching Machines
  • DIN 55142: Horizontal External Broaching Machines
  • DIN 55143: Vertical Internal Broaching Machines
  • DIN 55144: Horizontal Internal Broaching Machines
  • DIN 55145: Chain-type Broaching Machines